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Benefits of Private Jets

Travel expenses are a big factor for large corporations and small businesses alike. But often times, budget numbers don't reflect the hidden costs incurred by the common practices of commercial travel. The benefits of private jets will usually more than make up for these hidden costs while only adding marginally to the travel budget. Consider the following four benefits of private jets verses the commercial alternative.

Door-to-Door Service

Reputable air charter companies will frequently include motor transportation from your home or office directly to their terminal. On the other end of the flight a car will be waiting to take you to your client meeting at his location. With a commercial flight you must provide your own transportation to the airport. Whether a friend or family member drops you off, or you take a cab, you are at the mercy of someone else to get you to the airport on time. At your destination there's the hassle of car rental and its associated costs.

Increased production

One of the nicest benefits of private jets is one that will show up on the bottom line in the long run. It is increased production from employees who are not stuck in airport delays or detained by inconsistent security practices. Smooth an efficient air travel makes for a happier and more productive sales executive who in turn, can produce more sales and strengthen customer relations. Employees frustrated and angered by commercial travel are not so good for business.

Freedom of Choice

With commercial air travel you are stuck with the time, route, and plane your carrier chooses for your flight. And even with the best commercial carriers, seasoned business travellers know that what was promised at booking often changes before boarding. A traveller who has an aversion to a certain type of commuter plane may go to the airport expecting a mid-sized jet, only to be greeted by a twin engine prop plane. Another of the benefits of private jets is total control over what planes you rent, including backup planes if needed. And with control over the routes you fly there will be no more changing schedules that disrupt your plans.

Short Notice Flights

If your business is able to afford a fractional ownership program, one of the benefits of private jets in this scenario is the ability to schedule flights with very little notice. Of course, you'll have to remain in contact with the other members in your fractional ownership group, but scheduling conflicts tend to be rare and can be worked out. In a situation where you have an immediate need for your jet and it's currently in use by another member, your charter company can usually provide you with another jet that happens to be idle.

There are plenty more benefits of private jets that make them extremely attractive over commercial airlines. The bottom line however, is that convenience, comfort, and efficiency are all good for the bottom line. Even if they are not quantifiable in your annual budget forecasts, after a reasonable amount of time using private air travel you should notice are marked improvements in your business.

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