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Business Jet Charter

As the world continues to become a smaller place, business jet charter companies are springing up all over the world to take advantage of the growing demand for private air travel. In the early days of private jets, the industry was dominated by the fractional ownership model where several companies went in together in a shared ownership arrangement. But that model is slowly dying as new methods emerge, giving rise to a booming on-demand charter business.

Business jet charter companies are the most abundant in the U.S. due to its dense business population and geographical size, but the majority of these operate only within American markets. Where global service is concerned, Germany, the UAE, Switzerland, France, and the U.K. are among the leaders. Even in extremely small markets like Bermuda, which boasts just two charter operations, there is still enough demand to keep the planes in the air.

Charter Brokers

Corporations with a sizeable need for business jet charter services often find that using a charter broker to arrange their travel plans is quite helpful. Charter brokers have a lot more experience dealing with charter companies than the average executive giving them added negotiating power, flexibility, and choice of aircraft. The charter broker is also extremely helpful in planning all the details of a trip to the extent that a phone call or two between broker and client is all that's needed to get the job done.

Charter Destinations

Destinations for business jet charter companies are as varied as the locations of the aircraft themselves. There are literally hundreds of air charter management operations and fractional ownership groups all over the world, with planes available for charter. The only limit to your possible destinations is the size of the plane you rent in relation to the airports where it can be safely operated. Obviously, larger jets need longer runways and bigger facilities. But with an ample supply of aircraft and flights, business jet charter customers should have little problem finding what they need.

The Future of Business Jet Charter

While air charter services continue to do well, what is the future of this lucrative business? No one knows for sure, but a lot of eyes are watching to see where the air taxi niche goes. This relatively new area of air charter utilizes smaller planes, known as very light jets (VLJs) for point-to-point flights of just a few hours or less. The idea seems to be a combination of the water taxis found in major European cities and the bush pilot systems of Alaska and Hawaii. Air taxi service is meant to be accessible to just about any modest airport a businessman would need to visit.

New innovations in technology and business practice mean the world of the business jet charter continues to evolve and expand. The recent release of Gulfstream's amazing new G650, and Cessna's promise to surpass it, declare unabashedly that aircraft manufactures will not stop upping the ante. All this is good news for travellers who utilize a business jet charter or choose purchase their own aircraft.

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