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How to Choose a Private Jet Company

Demand for private jet travel is increasing globally as the world's economies are beginning to rebound. Companies just getting into the private jet market, as well as plane owners, who are selling their aircraft in favour of chartering, are combining to make big business for aircraft charter companies. If you're just entering the jet charter market you may be unaware of how things work. If so, here's a quick overview.

Knowing how private jet chartering works begins with deciding whether to find a charter company on your own or use a professional charter broker. The benefits of using a broker include access to a greater number of charter companies, more negotiating power, greater flexibility in schedules and routes, and many more aircraft to choose from. Brokers will also handle all the details of arranging flight details, pilot supply, overnight accommodations, and just about any other facet of your trip. Charter brokers are extremely popular with experienced travellers who already know the ropes how private jet chartering works.

Should you decide to go without a broker, the first thing to do is research charter companies in your area and choose one suitable for your needs. Once that's accomplished you'll need to discuss with the company a destination, date and time, number of passengers, etc. The charter company will take all the needed information and develop a quote for you based on several different types of aircraft.

Those just learning how private jet chartering works often don't realize they are not limited to a single kind of aircraft. Keep in mind that different jets have different operating costs which will be reflected in your quote. You'll be able to request specific types of jets you prefer. Backup planes will be an added part of the equation that your charter company will discuss with you. If you have other requirements such as in-flight meals or ground transportation, make sure it is clear who will be responsible for these arrangements.

The quote you accept should reflect all the associated costs of your trip. Bear in mind that you are billed at an hourly rate based on the total time the jet will be absent from its home base. Even while sitting idle at your destination airport, you will be paying the same hourly rate. It makes good sense to plan your travel as efficiently as possible to avoid idle time. Furthermore, if overnight accommodations are required for your pilot, those expenses might be directly billed by him.

Experienced executives who know all the ins and outs of how private jet chartering works, have learned a great little industry secret: the advantages of very light jets (VLJs). These single pilot planes are usually operated like air taxis by their owners. Efficient scheduling of a VLJcan get you to multiple destinations in a single day and back home at night. It's a very cost-effective way to maximize your private jet budget.

When all the details are settled and payment has been secured, there nothing left to do but board your plane on the day of your flight and relax. You won't need to go through the standard commercial airport routines, and you'll be at your destination and ready to meet your clients in no time.

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