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Luxury Aircraft

It has long been understood that luxury aircraft belonging to the world's wealthiest individuals goes over the top in terms of what they offer owners and passengers. But if you have a load of cash waiting to be invested in a private jet, what amazing things could you get for your money? Here's just one example, using the Airbus 380 purchased by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud last year. Keep in mind that the base price of this luxury aircraft starts at $300 million, and the prince dumped another $100 million into it.

The most stunning part of this plane is called the Wellbeing Room. This area has a large screen installed in the floor which gives passengers the opportunity to see exactly what is beneath them. Cameras on the plane's exterior provide the video images to the screen via computer interface. To make things even more interesting, various scents reflective of the environment being flown over are injected into the air for a mind-blowing experience.

The Airbus 380 is the world's largest passenger plane, featuring two decks, a maximum cabin width of 6.58 m (21.6 ft), and a cabin length measuring 49.9 m (164 ft). With all that room, why not use your luxury aircraft to transport your luxury auto mobile? The prince does just that with an in-flight "garage" for his Rolls Royce. There will be no need for the common car rental when he touches down, that's for sure.

Wealthy luxury aircraft owners tend to do a lot of business on board, so this jet has several executive board rooms. Each one is decorated with the finest tables and chairs, and includes holographic displays of current news, stock tickers, commodities markets, and other necessary information. Data and phone ports, as well as other business-related accessories, are also not left wanting.

On those long transatlantic flights one can easily get fatigued and bored. Even Saudi princes get tired of sitting in a seat for endless hours over the ocean. Well have no fear, this luxury aircraft sports its own Turkish bath and spa to help you relax away the flight time. Bedrooms are provided with large beds, luxury linens, and even insect nets that remind the prince of home. If music is your thing, the plane is even equipped with its own first-class concert hall.

With three distinct floors in its custom design, the jet has two methods for passengers to get from floor to floor. First is a grand spiral staircase which is as elegant as any mansion would have. Second, and more impressive, is a special lift that carries passengers and cargo between all three floors. When the plane touches down the lift can even lower you right to the tarmac. No more portable airport walkways for the prince and his guests.

Feeling A Bit of Plane Envy?

Luxury aircraft ownership is one of the perks of successful business. Those who have worked hard to earn their fortunes deserve to spend their money in ways that make them happy. While you may never be able to equal what Prince Al-Saud did with his custom Airbus, there are enough luxury customization options to make your private jet a luxury sanctuary in the air. Don't be afraid to make it what you want.

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