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Private Jet Charter Catering

With all the benefits and luxuries that come with using a private jet charter, there are some things lacking; things like galley space. Some larger business class jets do have small galley areas where basic meals can be prepared, but unless your private jet charter is a VIP grade aircraft you probably won't have a professional staff making dinner in the back of the plane.

Trips lasting more than a couple of hours are likely to conflict with meal time, necessitating the need for in-flight meals. The best way to deal with this is through an airline catering company. Your private jet charter operator should both be able to provide you with a list of trusted caterers who can create just the right meals or snacks for your flight.

When looking for a caterer, be specific in requiring that he or she has experience in the airline industry. Preparing meals for a sit-down dinner buffet is very different form preparing those intended for a private jet charter. First and foremost is the time delay before meals are served. Food must be prepared, packaged, transported, and loaded on to the plane prior to departure; a process than can take anywhere from three to six hours. Add time in the air before the meal is actually served and it could be even more significant. Air travel food should be prepared in a way that keeps it from spoiling during the long hours prior to consumption.

Packaging meals is also of concern, both for purposes of freshness and ease of serving once in the air. An experienced airline caterer will know the ups and downs private jet charter travel and will package food accordingly. It's important to note however, you may have to give up a certain amount of aesthetic appeal in order to have safe and efficient packaging.

When you do find a reputable caterer with whom you are willing to do business, feel free to talk about specific menu items. We've all heard the jokes about how bad airline food can be. But as the one paying the bill for your private jet charter, you have the control over what is, and is not, served aboard the plane. Find out from other passengers what they like and prefer. Be sure as well to exclude things you know they won't like. And if you're travelling for a family vacation, holiday, or birthday, special menu items specific to the occasion will be sure to make your travel experience more enjoyable.

As far as the cost of catering services, expect it to be a bit more than traditional catering. Meal preparation for small groups is of course, more costly than large ones on a per-person basis. Menu customization, items for special events, and the extra effort required for air travel food all add up to a more expensive product. Where food is concerned, this is one area where getting what you pay for is important. Don't skimp on the cost at the expense of your health or an enjoyable trip. Feel free to utilize your charter broker in this area if you're working with one. He may have just the right caterer in mind for your trip.

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