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Private Jet Companies

In recent years, many former and present first class plane seat purchasers have been seeking an even more luxurious and convenient upgrade. After all, those cushy seats and choice eats are still located in the same plane as the standard seats and as such subject to the same delays, long boarding times and spotty last-minute availability. The upgrades that many of these people and businesses are choosing are private jet companies. One would think that only the very rich could afford to own a plane and have it available, staffed and ready to fly at a few hours notice but, that isn't completely true.

Private jet companies such as NetJets sell fractional ownership shares starting at 1/16 shares of their jets. Even the smallest share they offer is equal in price to the cost of a very nice house. The jets are top in quality and the service is known to be dependable and excellent. If you can afford this option, you will be able to use the same jet each time you fly which strikes some people a definite status symbol. Most individuals and even businesses would not be able to afford or justify that sort of expenditure. There are, however, other options that can get the price within a conceivable range for a large number of consumers and businesses. Private jet companies are increasing targeting these in-between populations with a variety of options which can make the extra expenditure a viable option.

One private jet company in particular, One Sky Jets, takes advantage of the fact private jets often provide a one-way flight for customers. Since they cannot wait unused until that customer is ready to fly back or to their next destination if the wait time will be more than a few days, the jet will have to fly back to where it is based without having a customer on board. This empty flight-time that many jets having is called “deadheading”. Deadheading can amount to almost 40 percent of total flight time. One Sky takes advantage of these empty flights and sells tickets for up to 50 percent off what the regular price would have been. The more flexible you are about when you can fly, the more money you can save on a particular flight.

For this same reason, you will not typically be able to schedule a same day flight like this or fly to really out of the way places. Still, it is a good option for someone with a flexible schedule and a love for both luxury and bargains. Another one of the many private jet companies making charters available to the masses is called Sentient Jet sells membership cards for flights on approved charter operators which works much like a debit card. With this choice, there are no maintenance fees or positioning costs. Another important point about this option in the unused funds on deposit are fully refundable at any time. Private jet companies ask much higher prices than conventional airlines and probably always will but, the experience and the status associated with that experience has a charm and convenience that conventional airlines will never be able to match.

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