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Private Jet Cost

For many organizations whose frequent travel needs are a significant portion of their time and financial budgets, the perks of chartering a jet over commercial air travel is rather appealing. For instance, the hired jet usually provides either a non-stop flight or one with short layovers only necessary for refuelling. Small jets can go to many local and regional airports where commercial jetliners are not allowed, and as for the hours-long pre-boarding ordeal at the airport? Forget about it with jet charters. The main drawback of chartering, and it's a big one, is private jet cost.

Customers who decide to charter a jet for their organization's exclusive use need to consider exactly what they will be paying for. Most charter companies charge by the hour according to how long the plane will be away from its home base. What this means is that the private jet cost for a four-day trip will be billed for ninety-six hours even if the jet is only in the air for a total of ten. Some estimates suggest the average amount of idle time for a rented jet could be as much as 40% of the entire trip. That can get expensive if you plan to stay in the same location for a couple of days.

Also to be considered is the cost of the pilot. How pilot services are billed can vary from one charter company to the next, but rest assured whatever money spent for his needs will be added into your private jet cost. In some cases the pilot charges directly for his hotel and meals and the company covers his time. In other cases the entire cost is left to the customer. It's up to the one chartering to ask what these costs are and take them into consideration.

The price of fuel is one of the biggest factors in private jet cost. Exactly what you pay can vary depending on the top speed of the plane and the pilot flying it, but the simple truth is a faster plane will use more fuel than a slower one. Likewise, a pilot who prefers to go full throttle will use more fuel than one who flies at a more cost effective speed. When chartering a jet, consider the distance to your destination and how quickly you need to get there. If you have the choice of your own pilot, look for one who has a good reputation for spending your money wisely.

One way of reducing your private jet cost is to consider selling empty seats. If you plan to charter an eight-seat Learjet 60 and you only have six people going on the trip, consider offering your two empty seats through a ride-sharing program. It won't earn you tons of money, but every ticket which can be sold at a price even half that of a commercial flight is still money in your pocket.

Companies who need the services of a charter jet just for a one-day or overnight trip should find it economically comparable to commercial flights. But if your trip should be longer, take the time to consider all your expenses before making a decision. Contact a charter broker as well. The broker will able to help determine your private jet cost and do some comparisons to get the best possible deal.

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