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Private Jet FAQs

Private jet charter companies constantly field an endless number of questions from potential new customers and seasoned private air travellers alike. It would be impossible to list all the questions asked, but below are some of the most common, along with comprehensive answers.

Private Jet Faqs #1: What kind of traveller benefits from the use of private air chartering?
Answer: Corporate executives, heads of state, diplomats, sports teams, and even individual passengers. In short, any air travellers whose time and convenience is deemed important. Those who wish to avoid the long lines and security checks, inconvenient transfers, idle layovers, and any of the many other inconveniences of commercial air travel all benefit from private jets.

Private Jet Faqs #2: How much does a private jet cost?
Answer: This question is hard to answer directly, since costs depend on what private jet business model you chose. Fractional ownership is the most expensive due in part to all the costs associated with owning a plane. On-demand charter is less expensive and will be determined by the type of plane you chose, the distance and time travelled current fuel costs, and pilot charges. Finally, shared-ride and jet card programs are the least expensive. Ticket prices for these programs are generally substantially less than comparable commercial tickets.

Private Jet Faqs #3: Should I use a charter broker service?
Answer: If you are new to the private jet industry, or have trouble navigating the vast amount of information, using a charter broker is a good idea. Brokers are professionals in the field and gather all the available information to secure the best options and work out the details of your flight. A good broker can take all the worries out of private jet rental.

Private Jet Faqs #4: I saw a deal on an empty leg flight. What exactly is "empty leg"?
Answer: As a general rule, individual seats on a charter jet are not sold except through a jet card or shared-ride program. The standard practice is for a business or group to charter the entire plane for a complete round trip, which is paid for entirely by that organization. If one or more in the party only travels one-way, the empty seat on the return flight is deemed an "empty leg" seat. Because it has already been paid for, empty leg fares tend to be drastically discounted.

Private Jet Faqs #5: What about meals on longer flights?
Answer: Some charter companies offer a standard meal program for longer flights. Whether or not they do, it is up to the organization that's renting the jet to make the final determination about in-flight meals. If the charter company doesn't provide meals directly, they should be able to refer you to an airline catering service with whom you can make arrangements.

Private Jet Faqs #6: Are chartered jets flexible enough to deal with changed plans?
Answer: Yes, charter jet companies are extremely flexible. With a large selection of available aircraft around the world, your charter company should be equipped to accommodate most changes you might need to make. Be sure to use a well-respected charter operator to reduce the risk of potential conflicts.

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