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Private Jet Hire

On-demand private jet hire, or chartering as it's also known, is one of the three most common forms of private jet hire used today. With this option an organization will simply rent a jet like one would rent a car. The rate is charged based on the length of the rental period, distance flown, and in some cases the number of passengers as well. On-demand hire is generally less expensive and more cost effective than traditional fractional ownership, yet more secure and dependable than shared-ride chartering.

Fractional ownership, which was developed in the 1980s to accommodate the burgeoning number of businesses that wanted their own jets, relies on two or more organizations sharing the cost of a plane. Each member of the group purchases a certain number of seats and pays the fuel and pilot charges for any individual flights. The rest of the expenses are shared among all the owners. The biggest downside to this model is the fact that a company is not sways able to use its own plane. If one of the other partners already has the plane out of town, a company might have to use another plane which is currently idle. Fractional ownership is still used by a number of larger corporations but it is proving more and more to be an outdated business model as new innovations are introduced to the industry.

The biggest advantage on-demand private jet hire has over fractional ownership is the lower cost. Individual flights are a bit more expensive in the short-term, but for a company that doesn't need constant access to its own jet, not having to pay the insurance, maintenance, and other fees associated with fractional ownership is a financial benefit in the long run. On-demand private jet hire is extremely attractive for sports teams or other organizations with frequent but limited travel needs.

One of the obvious disadvantages of on-demand hire is not having a designated plane always ready on the tarmac. There are some larger companies and organizations, and even wealthier individuals, who need and enjoy the ability to get on the plane and go at a moment's notice. For them, on-demand private jet hire can sometimes be challenging, especially during periods of peak air travel.

Navigating your way through all the options of on-demand private jet hire can be as simple as contacting a charter broker. His job is to determine your needs as a traveller, then search his vast pool of resources to find you a jet to meet your schedule and other needs. Charter brokering is a relatively new niche in the jet hire industry, but with the service it provides to customers of on-demand and shared-ride chartering, it is a booming business with the promise of continued growth.

Businesses, sports teams, universities, and foundations have all found that private jet hire is one of the best ways to meet their travel needs. Charter jets tend to be newer and more comfortable than their commercial counterparts, and saving the countless hours wasted in commercial airline procedures is invaluable. Though jet hire does have its own issues, it is growing every year as the best alternative to commercial air travel. The only question remaining for the customer is whether to utilize fractional ownership, on-demand, or shared-ride chartering.

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