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Private Jet Quote

For businesses and organizations choosing to use private air travel, making sure the best quality is obtained at the best price requires investigation and cost comparison. A private jet quote is an important tool in determining who you will fly with. Any reputable charter operator should be willing to provide you with a quote upon request, so don't be afraid to ask. Additionally, there are a few key things to look at when getting a private jet quote.

Cost of various Types of Planes

Charter companies typically have several different planes to choose from, but their individual prices will vary. That's because different planes have different operating costs depending on size, speed, and other factors. If you have a general idea of the size of the pane you'll need, ask your charter companies to quote you prices on several different models.

Total Time

One thing many newcomers don't realize is the fact that a jet charter usually is priced based on the total amount of time the aircraft is away from its home base. Your private jet quote should include the hourly rate so that you'll know how much money is being spent while the plane sits on the tarmac. If you plan to be at your destination for an extended period of time this could be quite expensive.

Fuel Costs

Fuel prices change rapidly and without notice. Being on top of fuel costs for your flight is important so you're not taken advantage of by fluctuating prices. It's also important to ask for any fuel surcharges or handling fees to be included in your private jet quote. These surcharges add up quickly, causing a lot of unexpected surprises with the final bill.

Pilot Charges

If you contract with your own pilot and crew you will want to get a quote directly from them. If your charter company provides or pays for the pilot and crew, those costs should be listed on you private jet quote. Not only should you see the fees for their services while in the air, but any meals and overnight accommodations you'll be responsible for as well.


Whether refundable or otherwise, any deposits required to secure an aircraft or pilot should always be on your quote. If a deposit is refundable, make sure the conditions are clearly spelled out so there's no confusion later. If deposits are not refundable, that should also be clearly stated.


Due the constantly fluctuating air travel environment, be sure to ask if your private jet quote is a guaranteed one. If so, how long is the price guaranteed for and are there any conditions that could change the quote? Most quotes will not be guaranteed; rather they are estimates based upon information given at the time of the initial inquiry. Charter customers must understand the many factors that go into charter travel are prone to cause adjustments to the final cost.

If you are using a charter broker, he will be able to provide you with quotes from a large selection of charter operators suitable for your needs. In terms of efficiency, using a charter broker is probably a good idea if you want to avoid the hassle of contacting and quoting numerous carriers.

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