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Types of Private Jet

When it comes to types of private jets you are spoiled for choice. Maybe you want something big like a Boeing Business jet or perhaps you are after something a bit more sedate like a Cessna Citation. We all have our own unique needs but you can almost certain that there is a jet out there that will suit you perfectly. Here are just a few tips to help you when considering the types of private jets you may want to purchase.

Tips for Deciding on Types of Private Jets to Meet Your Needs

There are many types of private jets and this can make choosing one difficult. Here are just a few tips so that you will find the selection process that little bit easier.
  • Do a cost-benefit analysis to figure out how much you can afford to spend on your private jet. The cost of these aircraft can be anywhere from a couple of million to seventy million or even more. You should be as honest as you can when doing your cost-benefit analysis and you may find that you just can't justify the expense. It is often believed that if you are paying for 500 hours of air travel a year then you probably could justify buying your own jet.

  • When doing your cost-benefit analysis make sure that you keep in mind running costs. Even the cheaper types of private jets can cost a hundred thousand pounds or more to keep running every year. Unless you plan on flying the plane yourself you will need to pay for pilots. You will also have things like hanger costs and aviation fuel as well.

  • Once you have figured out how much you cans spend you then need to look closely at your needs. How will you be using this aircraft? Will you be planning on taking teams of executives around with you; or is this just going to be for a select few? Do you want to recreate and office in the sky or are you quite happy to be just stuck in a seat for the trip? Will you be using the aircraft to entertain potential clients and reward those who have been loyal? All of these factors will help you determine the size of your plane.

  • How far to do you intend to be travelling for an average trip in your plane. If you are based in London and you will be taking frequent trips to Bangkok then you could benefit from a different plane then one that is just to whisk you around the UK. Stopping more than once on a trip to refuel is costly and a waste of your time. The different types of private jets all have different distances that they can fly without the need to refuel.

  • Are you going to purchase a new or used jet? This of course is another big question and one you should think carefully about. There can be a huge price difference between the two and it will often work out better to buy second hand.

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