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VIP Aircraft Charter

Among the several types of air charter travel available in today's market, one classification stands above the rest in terms of luxury, amenities, and capacity. This classification is known as VIP aircraft charter. It is meant for larger parties who desire the very best in service whether on a short or long-range trip. It is the limousine of air charter services with all the extras thrown in. So what makes VIP aircraft charter such a great experience?

Aircraft Size

Smaller business class jets and lower class light jets usually have seating capacities of no more than fifteen or sixteen. But VIP jets fall into the heavy jet or executive airliner categories, which can carry up to seventy passengers depending on the specific model. A VIP aircraft charter can carry an entire entourage for corporate meetings, political conferences, sports competitions, and private group travel. These heavy jets are wide-bodied with roomy cabins and plenty of head and leg room.

Long Range

Because VIP aircraft charter jets tend to be for larger groups attending a conference-type setting, they must have as long a range as possible. The heavy jets in this class are usable as regional transportation within 2,000 nmi., while some of the larger business airliners can even be used for transatlantic flights ranging between 3,500 to 6,000 nmi.

Full Crew

Crew size is not something charter passengers normally take the time to think about as long as they get where they're going. But for those travelling on a VIP aircraft charter, a full crew and at least one attendant is expected to meet passenger needs. In some countries, such as the U.S., the law even requires a minimum crew size for heavy jets, including one attendant for every fifty seats.


A corporation willing to spend the money on a VIP aircraft charter expects the best in creature comforts. VIP planes typically feature over-sized reclining leather seats, data ports and wi-fi access, in-flight phone access, audio and video entertainment options, and some of the best meals in the industry, often served on real china. Some of the more luxurious VIP planes have bedrooms, full baths, and stand-up showers.


A VIP aircraft charter gives customers access to the world's finest airports. From London's Heathrow to Saudi Arabia's King Fahd International to Tokyo's Narita International, VIP jets take clients to the world's major cities where business is done. Charter companies also go the extra mile in their airport facilities to ensure passengers are taken as good care of in the terminal as they are in the air. VIP lounges complete with up-to-date financial and news services, internet access, and bar facilities are common airport amenities.

Dedicated Security

Since diplomats and heads of state are frequent clients of VIP aircraft charter operators, many providers make security a top priority. Dedicated security teams are often available for in-flight security as well as escorting passengers to and from the aircraft. In some cases, private limousine service can be arranged using secure vehicles and escorts. Helicopter transfers from airport to hotel complete the VIP security measures.

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